Comprehensive Financial Planning For Individuals & Families

Our Approach

Know what investments you own and why you own them!

When you contact 93 Financial Group to schedule your initial consultation, you will meet with an advisor and the process of examining your financial goals and gathering of critical information will begin. Your advisor will review your current investments and complete a full portfolio analysis to provide you with important information to determine if your investments are matching your objectives:

Performance – How are your investments performing compared to their peers? Are you invested appropriately for the performance you are seeking?

Fees – What fees are associated with your accounts and how are they affecting your returns?

Risk – Your time horizon is a main factor in determining risk. Are you allocated properly for your age? Are you too aggressive which could negatively impact your retirement or are you limiting your growth potential by being too conservative?

You will remain with your advisor for the long-term and with the assistance of a highly trained support staff, they will lead you through the three phases of your financial plan:

Growth – The period in which you accumulate your money in your working years and the structure of a diversified portfolio with proper asset allocation is monitored.

Conserve – These are the years when you are approaching retirement and the risk associated with your portfolio is decreased. It is essential that the planning and preserving of your retirement nest egg begins several years before your actual retirement date.

Income – Now that you’re retired, its time to make your wealth provide you with the income you need so you can rest comfortably and enjoy.

Our focus is helping you plan your financial future, beginning with your consultation and continuing with regular communication and a driven effort on your behalf. Because we know that you have options, our job is to continue to earn your trust as we provide ongoing investment advice.

Devising and implementing a sound, effective financial strategy is by no means a static proposition, and that’s where working with 93 Financial Group; an independent firm with no allegiance to any brokerage house or mutual fund company could make a pronounced difference.

Please contact us to discuss how 93 Financial Group’s approach can benefit you.